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    Ruby Rose Directed The Veronicas' Latest Video And It's An Emotional Rollercoaster

    Brace yourself.

    The Veronicas just released the video clip for their latest single "On Your Side", and it's really quite a journey.

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    The clip is written and directed by Ruby Rose, who is currently dating Jessica Origliasso. Ruby and Jess play two characters who are going through the highs and lows of a relationship.

    It starts out sweet enough with some beautiful scenes and a whole lot of kissing.

    Seriously, there's A LOT of kissing.

    But things turn dark really quickly when Ruby's character assaults a man in a bar after he hits on her girlfriend.

    And things continue to go downhill when Jess finds Ruby in the bathroom after she's taken too many pills.

    The Veronicas explained the message behind the video in a tweet:

    The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love. And stay.…

    Despite the dark subject matter, people are loving the video.

    Thank you to @TheVeronicas & @RubyRose for the video of #OnYourSide. I love it so bad 😭❤

    The video clip of @TheVeronicas #onyourside is the best thing on the Internet right now 😍

    I think I died 6 times watching the #onyourside video😭😭😭

    Can I just say that I love @RubyRose and @Jessicaveronica in the #OnYourSide video. So happy those two are a couple.

    It's safe to say Ruby and Jess make a great team. ❤️