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You Need To See Ruby Rose Pranking Nina Dobrev

So here for this.

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Proving that she's a force to be reckoned with, Ruby Rose plastered Nina Dobrev's trailer with pictures of herself.

After I scared the crap out of her last week, she retaliated back. In true Narcissist fashion. By covering my entire

Seriously, Ruby literally covered every area. The bed, the walls, hell, even the microwave.

Trailer w photos of herself.Stay tuned y'all. The war has begun..#ScareWars Watch your back Rose..Watch your back.

If I looked like that I'd plaster my face on everything too tbh.

The moment Nina found her newly-decorated trailer is also priceless.

Instagram: @rubyrose

That laugh is actually so cute.

The whole prank began a few days ago when Nina surprised Ruby by screaming in her face.

Please note her excellent use of swear words.


Now it looks like the pair are aiming to keep getting each other back, and fans are even picking sides.

Instagram: @ninadobrev

Choose your side because the Scare Wars has begun Team @ninadobrev or Team @RubyRose #xandercagereturns