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This Girl's "Goosebumps" Collection Will Give You Epic Nostalgia

R.L. Stine would be proud.

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Aussie girl Brooke, 18, has one of the most amazing Goosebumps collections you've ever seen.

Brooke told BuzzFeed her collection began with the iconic books: "Around the end of primary school some friends had a clean out and gave my brother and me a stack of their old Goosebumps books. I remember a year or so later I found a Goosebumps bedding set and from then on I started collecting".

And while she still has plenty of the books, the bulk of her collection consists of hard-to-find items.

Brooke Denyer / Via

Brooke finds a lot of the items online, in second-hand stores, and says she's spent around $1000 AUD so far on the merchandise.