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Zoo Staff Have Turned Chris Pratt's Raptor Pose Into An Epic Meme

Clever girls.

You've probably heard about a little ol' movie called Jurassic World. In the film, Chris Pratt tames some raptors who are basically his BFFs.

1. Dolphins are getting a taste of the action.

2. These beautiful rheas are loving it as well.

3. These chickens from the United Kingdom are playing along.

Four more days 😁 #JurassicWorld @prattprattpratt

4. And just look at these elegant walruses.

5. Here are some tortoises from Greensboro, North Carolina.

@GreensboroSC #Jurassiczookeeper Stand down!

6. Just look at these little warthogs with their wonderful snouts.

7. These flamingos don't have time for your games tbh.

8. But these penguins are clever girls.

#JurassicZoo “@calacademy: Clever girls. The #JurassicWorld @prattprattpratt-challenge finally gets fierce.” ”


Be it penguins or velociraptors, zookeeping is hard work. #JurassicWorld #Prattkeeping #RaptorSquad #CleverGirls

10. Penguins are actually really great at this???

11. And so are these southern white rhinos.

We are recreating Chris Pratt's raptor control from #JurassicWorld - with our Southern White Rhinos!

12. These otters in Atlanta, Georgia, are beyond adorable.

Who needs #RaptorSquad when you have Veloci-otters? #OtterSquad #JurassicZoo

13. These little foxes are #RaptorGoals.

@prattprattpratt Come on, any good keeper can do that :)

14. Even pigs in Auckland, New Zealand, are jumping on the bandwagon.

Zookeepers around the world are re-creating this scene from Jurassic World. Don't our pigs look fierce? #JurassicZoo

15. And so are these quokkas in Sydney.

There’s nothing harder than getting 3 Quokkas to cooperate! #JurassicZoo #ZoorassicWorld http://t.co/9sZfuMIBRu

16. Australian animals are actually killing this thing.

17. Even the emus are on board.

18. These camels are happy to participate.

19. And lastly, this keeper must have A LOT of trust.

Yaaass, Jurassic World, YAAASS!