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Ranking The Greatest Couples From "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

From epic romances to Spike and Harmony, Sunnydale has seen some action.

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Let's take a look at the best (and worst) of Sunnydale's romances.

19. Buffy and Parker

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There's no tip toeing around it: Parker was an ass. The whole one night stand thing made him totally unlikeable, and anyone who doesn't call our Buffy back has to be ranked last.

14. Xander and Faith

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This was a short lived romance (no offense Xander), and while it didn't really go anywhere, Faith was Xander's first, so that has to count for something.

13. Oz and Veruca

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The only reason Oz was ever interested in this little home wrecker was because she made his werewolf senses tingle. Veruca caused Willow a lot of heartache which is NOT OKAY.

11. Willow and Xander

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This was easily one of the greatest friendships of the series, but it was better kept that way. Even though it was more of an affair than a relationship, it still never really worked. Interestingly enough, vamp Willow and Xander were happy together, so there's that.

10. Buffy and Riley

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Riley doesn't deserve the hate he gets. No, really, for the most part he was a decent, kind, boyfriend. He also had a heartbeat which always helps. Admittedly, their relationship wasn't that spicy or challenging, so as a couple they weren't that exciting.

9. Giles and Joyce

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What could be better than seeing Ripper and Buffy's mum make out on the hood of a police car? Nothing, in case you were wondering. It was a great match, and Buffy's horror towards it all made it even better.

8. Xander and Cordelia

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Xander was able to crack Cordy's frozen heart and their relationship really helped her develop as a character. With all of that sexual tension it was a likeable pairing, but Xander repeatedly kissing Willow kinda' ended the whole thing. It happens.

7. Willow and Oz

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A couple so adorable it physically hurts. Even though their love was enough to survive a few affairs (Xander and Veruca, i'm looking at you), Oz ultimately had to leave to find out how to control his lycanthropy. It was heartache all round, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

6. Spike and Drusilla

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The passion and bat-shit craziness of these two made them incredible together. Even though their relationship was only spectacular in the early seasons, there was no denying the chemistry. When Spike was a straight up villian, this couple was downright impressive.

5. Buffy and Spike

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Sorry Spuffy shippers, but let's be honest, Buffy never truly loved Spike and he knew that. His love for her, however, was admirable. Seriously, how many people would try and restore their soul out of love? While this relationship didn't provide much stability, it did produce a huge amount of passion. Their bedroom scenes could make Sasha Grey blush. At the end of the day it was exciting and fun to watch, but Buffy's heart wasn't completely in it.

4. Xander and Anya

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Sure they had their ups and downs, but the love was there. They made each other happy, which isn't an easy thing to do when you live on a Hellmouth. It's still genuinely heartbreaking knowing that, after Anya's death, these two never got to be together again. All the emotions.

3. Willow and Tara

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Seriously, why does Joss like killing off his characters so much? These two were truly magical together (sorry, not sorry for that one), and this relationship stands as Willow's greatest. Tara's death was enough for Willow to almost destroy the world. That sounds like true love to me.

2. Buffy and Angel

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This was meant to be from the beginning. Even Sarah Michelle Gellar ships these two. This is the one man Buffy never really got over, and their love both tested and overjoyed her. Yes Angelus caused an intense amount of pain, but technically Angel and Angelus are two different people, which is important to note here. And even after the Angelus saga Buffy still loved him. Although they could never really be together, they're soul mates, and deep down they both know that.

1. Giles and Jenny

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It was as if you could feel your heart being ripped out of your chest when Jenny died. These two worked so well as a couple and that's why her death was so unbearable. Compared to these other great romances this had the least drama, and it made sense. It had so much potential and it was such a tragedy that it was cut short. Who didn't want Giles to be happy? Jenny did that for him. Ugh, the heartache.

Who was your favourite couple?

People are fiercely protective of their Buffy relationships, so this list is sure to make a few fans angry. But before we make any aggressive comments, let's just remember that the greatest relationship of all, is the one we have with this show. And yes, I am mildly ashamed at how cheesy that was.

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