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    Posted on 12 May 2017

    Nutella Fries Are A Real Thing And Goddamn I Need Some Right Now


    Look, you like Nutella, I like Nutella, people bloody love Nutella. Why? Because it's TASTY.


    And you know what people also like? FRIES. And you better hold onto your hats because you can now get fries covered in Nutella! YES, this is a REAL THING.


    The fries are drizzled with Nutella and topped with crushed hazelnuts because life is beautiful sometimes.

    Sydney restaurant Butter is offering Nutella fries for a limited time during the month of May, and damn they look goooooood.

    Let's zoom in real close here so we can appreciate the BEAUTY. 👀


    Yasss, that's the sweet spot right there. 😏

    They're perfect if you're after that sweet and salty fix. 👌


    What a world we live in!!!!

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