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This Harley Quinn Cosplayer Looks So Much Like Margot Robbie It's Eerie

And she's also an Aussie.

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Please take a moment to stop and look at this cosplayer, who is basically Margot Robbie's twin.

Instagram: @infamous_harley_quinn

"Hi puddin'!"


Laura told BuzzFeed she's been a fan of Harley since she was in high school, and Suicide Squad rekindled her "inner fangirl".

Instagram: @infamous_harley_quinn

She only recently started cosplaying as Harley, but says she's overwhelmed by the love and support she's received.

Instagram: @infamous_harley_quinn

"I am just so thrilled I can bring smiles by dressing up and having fun," Laura told BuzzFeed.

Instagram: @infamous_harley_quinn

"I don't think I ever want to stop cosplaying Harley... I am also looking at doing my own take on Harley somewhere in the future."

Instagram: @infamous_harley_quinn


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