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    Posted on 29 Oct 2015

    Margot Robbie Is Creepy As Fuck As Harley Quinn On The Cover Of "Empire"

    Daddy's lil monster.

    This is Margot Robbie, AKA a walking ray of sunshine and utter delight.

    Noam Galai / Via Getty Images

    Yes, you may know her.

    But while we know Robbie as a lovable Aussie, lately she's been looking creepy AF as Harley Quinn.

    Empire / Via

    That manic smile tho.

    The Empire cover of Harley Quinn gives us another look at the anti-hero from the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, based on the DC comic series of the same name. Robbie spoke to Empire about her costume, which is notably different to the comic book character:

    "When I got the role I started looking up Harley costumes online, with my mum sitting next to me. She was like, 'My daughter is going to dress like a prostitute!' There are a lot of angry mothers out there!"

    Despite what her mother says, Robbie totally seems to love Harley.

    Jared Leto's Empire cover as the Joker has also been released, along with Cara Delevingne's.

    Empire / Via

    Suicide Squad doesn't hit cinemas until summer 2016, but you can watch the shit out of the trailer while you wait.

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