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    This Is How BuzzFeed Oz Does Halloween

    The costumes are better Down Under.

    1. Luna Lovegood

    2. "John Howard DJs like a mad cunt" meme

    3. An adult man in a hotdog outfit

    4. Mulligrubs

    5. "Deal with it" meme

    6. A sorority girl from Scream Queens

    7. Shia LaBeouf

    8. "Why you always lyin'?" meme

    9. A witch

    10. Information desk girl emoji

    11. Dancing pumpkin

    12. Dr. Blake Downs from Children's Hospital

    13. Dick pics

    14. George R. R. Martin

    15. Zombie schoolgirl

    16. A skeleton in the closet

    17. Auburn deputy mayor, Salim Mehajer

    18. Poot Lovato

    19. And Pauline Hanson

    Happy Halloween from BuzzFeed Oz!

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