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    14 Things You Can Only Find At The "Mad Max" Museum

    Call yourself a Mad Max fan? Not until you've been here.

    The Mad Max Museum is tucked away in Silverton, New South Wales, which is just outside outback town Broken Hill.

    1. It's full of hidden gems from the post-apocalyptic franchise, including an array of vehicles.

    2. You'll find the famed Interceptor used by Max, who was played by Mel Gibson.

    3. You can even get up close and personal.

    4. There's also a bunch of original costumes.

    5. Complete with fur.

    6. There's props, like this propeller from the Gyrocopter.

    7. And this boomerang and music box from the "feral kid".

    8. Plus a huge range of behind the scenes photographs along the walls.

    9. There's amazing artwork.

    10. Like this piece.

    11. And this one.

    12. You can even grab a souvenir.

    13. Or two.

    14. If you're lucky, you'll even find a breathtaking blue sky.

    So what are you waiting for?