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This Profoundly Deaf Teen Will Blow You Away With Her Dance Moves

"Dancing lets me be free."

This is Macy Baez.

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Hailing from the Illawarra, which is south of Sydney, she was born profoundly deaf and has cochlear implants.

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But that hasn't stopped her from becoming an exceptional hip hop dancer.

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Seriously, she's ridiculously talented.

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And she's also self taught!

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In fact, because she's so good at what she does, Macy will be heading to Las Vegas in August with her dance crew to compete at the World Championships of Hip Hop.

To Macy, dancing feels like another language. “It lets me express myself and also share those good moments,” she told BuzzFeed.

Sound travels through Macy's cochlear implants, allowing her to hear the music.

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Macy also has some pretty inspiring pieces of advice: “Nothing is impossible if you put all your heart into it.”

What an absolute champion.

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