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    Posted on 14 Oct 2015

    Lorde Answered A Bunch Of Fan Questions And Proved She's The Queen Of Tumblr

    Slaying it like a Royal.

    Because she's a true queen, yesterday Lorde randomly decided to answer questions from her Tumblr followers.

    She had the best reaction to someone loving her curly hair.

    And promised her upcoming album is going to be fucking killer, obviously.

    She revealed that if she wasn't in the music biz, she'd be studying law at university and wanted to be a comedian.

    The Tumblr queen opened up about having synesthesia.

    She also gave a small piece of advice to a fan that really connected with Pure Heroine.

    Proving she has a memory of gold, she wrote about one sweet moment in her home town.

    And she also reminded people not to worry about having half-hearted ambitions.

    Thanks for forever being the best, Lorde!

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