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    Liam Hemsworth Posted A Shirtless Throwback With Miley Cyrus And It's Glorious

    We're not worthy.

    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been more public about each other on social media lately, and it's been AMAZING.

    And on Friday, Liam gifted the world with this shirtless Instagram throwback.

    The throwback is from The Last Song, the 2010 film that brought the pair together. Liam is also very shirtless in it.

    Last month, Miley uploaded this video of her singing in the car with Liam...

    ...which was also very reminiscent of the car scene in The Last Song.

    In the movie, Liam's character, Will, gets a college transfer to be with Miley's character, Ronnie, and it's assumed they live happily ever after.

    Here's hoping these two get the same storybook ending. ❤️