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    Everyone's Losing Their Shit Over Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio At Coachella

    What a sighting.

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna fans, brace yourselves, because the pair were photographed together at Coachella on Saturday.

    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    Behold their dark sunglasses and hidden beauty!

    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    Despite the duo looking like they're just enjoying a chat, people are pretty damn excited about the idea of them being together.

    Leo and Rihanna were previously rumoured to be dating, with an alleged picture of them kissing still circulating online.

    no offense but this pic of leonardo dicaprio and rihanna kissing is better than anything Picasso ever painted

    But all of this could mean they're just friends, who knows.

    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

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