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Chris Hemsworth Made The Cutest Dinosaur Birthday Cake For His Daughter

That's not a cake, it's a masterpiece.

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Chris Hemsworth's wife, Elsa Pataky, uploaded this photo of him baking a last-minute birthday cake for their daughter, India Rose.

Instagram: @elsapatakyconfidential

On his own Instagram, Chris explained that the bakery didn't have enough time to make a cake, so he decided to smash one out himself.

I guess not even being Chris Hemsworth can persuade a bakery to make you a damn cake.

P.S. Those arms tho.

Judging by this photo from last month, Chris's daughter totally appreciates his baking skills.

Instagram: @elsapatakyconfidential

Basically Chris has the cutest family of all time, bye.

Instagram: @elsapatakyconfidential