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    Posted on 13 Oct 2015

    This Tiny Hedgehog Is So Adorable You Won't Be Able To Breathe


    This is Marutaro, a beautiful bundle of joy from Japan.

    And in case you didn't notice, he's the CUTEST THING ON EARTH.

    He's just so damn little and spiky and AWW.

    Look, he can even fit in a bowl 😭😭😭.

    He also seems super friendly, just ask all his pals.

    And that tiny belly is EVERYTHING.

    Even when he's trying to be tough he looks adorable as hell.

    Wait, OMG, where did he go???

    Oh, phew, there he is! He's so cheeky!

    Tiny Marutaro even loves ducks.

    And frogs!

    But most of all, he just loves a warm blanket.

    Thank you for existing, precious little hedgehog 💖.

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