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19 Things All Horror Fans Are Tired Of Hearing


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1. "How can you watch that stuff?"


Idk, pretty easily considering I enjoy it?

2. "Are you a serial killer?"

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What. The. Fuck?

3. "Did you like The Human Centipede/Hostel/Saw? Those are all so gross!"

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Surprisingly enough horror movies are made to shock you, CRAZY HUH???

4. "So do you like seeing people in pain?"


Yeah I do, and it's not like it's real life anyway.

5. "I hate horror movies, they're all so disgusting!"


Ok, cool, don't watch them.

6. "How come everyone is so dumb? Why don't they just go inside, hide and call the cops."


Because then it'd be a shit movie, obviously.

7. "Why don't you watch something funny instead?"

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Because I don't want to?

8. "Are you obsessed with death?"

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I don't visit graveyards, I'm literally just watching this shit in my own home.

9. "How many times does it take for the babysitter to learn NOT to pick up the phone?"

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Idk, but it makes for some good viewing.

10. "Don't you get scared?"


Well yeah, that's the whole point of it?

11. "Who would really win in a fight between Freddy and Jason?"

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Not this again.

12. "Do you love gore?"

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I like magic tricks and special effects, funnily enough there's a BIG difference between movies and real life.

13. "Was The Amityville Horror real?"


Idk, what do I look like, a Ghostbuster? I didn't live in that house, I'm not George and Kathy Lutz.

14. "Why do they keep remaking everything? Hollywood has no original ideas anymore!"

The WB

Do I look like a studio executive?

15. "Why do people always run UP the stairs? It makes no sense."

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Because these idiots never learn, let's be honest.

16. "I hate Rob Zombie."


Ok, have fun living with all that hate then.

17. "Ghosts aren't real you know."


Wow, thank you for that opinion, here I was devoting my entire life to being a paranormal investigator.

18. "I hate found footage films, they just keep pumping them out."


You know I have no control over this, right?

19. "You're going to get nightmares from watching that stuff!"

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Good, I'll tell Freddy Krueger you say hello.