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    Hugh Jackman Honoured A Late Fan In The Sweetest Way Possible

    "May his spirit live on."

    Hugh Jackman just shared a snap of himself holding a Wolverine picture beside journalist Marie Lozano.

    Today I had the great pleasure of meeting this lovely lady, Marie Lozano from the Philippines. Her brother, Jeffrey, had Down Syndrome. He passed away 2 years ago. Marie shared with me that one of Jeffrey's joys in life was painting. When he lost the use of his hands he continued to paint with the brush in his mouth. I accept this gift in Jeffrey's honor. May his spirit live on.

    Lozano, who is a journalist for ABSCBN in the Philippines, told BuzzFeed she was interviewing Jackman for his latest film, Pan.

    "I think it was fate that I was assigned to interview Hugh on the day of my brother Jeffrey's second death anniversary. At the end of the interview, I gave him Jeffrey's mouth painting and told him the story behind it."

    "Jeffrey loved to draw and paint Wolverine. He wanted to be a superhero himself and I think that's where he got his determination to fight life's battles."

    Jeffrey painting the Wolverine picture that was later gifted to Hugh / Marie Lozano

    "Hugh is very kind and compassionate and he listened intently to my story and I showed him photos of Jeffrey."


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