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Koalas Are Passing Out From Heat So Everyone's Giving Them Water

Consider your animal friends in heat like this!

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And these koalas are very, very desperate for a drink.

Because of the extreme heat, a lot of koalas have had trouble finding water. Some South Australians have been helping out by providing H20 that's a little bit easier for the koalas to get to.

* Leave water in a shallow dish, NOT a bucket because baby koalas could fall in and drown.* Wet them down! You can use a watering can, a spray bottle, or a hose but try to shower it over them like rain.* Avoid touching them! They're not aggressive but you could frighten them and their claws are sharp. * If you have a swimming pool, drop a rope in. Koalas will be drawn to the water and can fall in! But they're clever lil' things and can pull themselves out with the rope.* If they continue to slouch over and drink water after an extended period of time call the koala hotline on (08) 7226 0017, or call the 24-hour line if you think a koala needs help in general.

Also remember to leave water out in a shallow dish during summer for ALL creatures because every animal is susceptible to heat stroke.

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