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    Koalas Are Passing Out From Heat So Everyone's Giving Them Water

    Consider your animal friends in heat like this!

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    In case you haven't heard, Adelaide has been experiencing an intense heatwave.

    In some areas it's reached 44 degrees Celsius (111 degrees Fahrenheit)! If humans struggle with that heat, imagine being covered in thick, dense fur!

    And these koalas are very, very desperate for a drink.

    Because of the extreme heat, a lot of koalas have had trouble finding water. Some South Australians have been helping out by providing H20 that's a little bit easier for the koalas to get to.

    Morne De Klerk / Getty Images

    Like, seriously - these koalas need some hydration!

    Morne De Klerk / Getty Images

    Whether it's leaving water out or squirting the little dudes down, the koala population of Australia is thanking everyone for their help.

    Sure, they love the bottled stuff - but they don't discriminate!

    This little one was found clinging to a tree in the residential area of Seacliff Park.

    Donna Wellington, supplied to BuzzFeed
    Donna Wellington, supplied to BuzzFeed
    Donna Wellington, supplied to BuzzFeed

    And this friendly fellow was found in someone's backyard in Skye.

    Brittney Grose, supplied to BuzzFeed
    Brittney Grose, supplied to BuzzFeed
    * Leave water in a shallow dish, NOT a bucket because baby koalas could fall in and drown.* Wet them down! You can use a watering can, a spray bottle, or a hose but try to shower it over them like rain.* Avoid touching them! They're not aggressive but you could frighten them and their claws are sharp. * If you have a swimming pool, drop a rope in. Koalas will be drawn to the water and can fall in! But they're clever lil' things and can pull themselves out with the rope.* If they continue to slouch over and drink water after an extended period of time call the koala hotline on (08) 7226 0017, or call the 24-hour line if you think a koala needs help in general.

    Also remember to leave water out in a shallow dish during summer for ALL creatures because every animal is susceptible to heat stroke.

    Stay safe and hydrated little darlings! 🐨🐨🐨

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