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    Fans Are Sharing Their Lorde Tattoos To Celebrate The Anniversary Of "Pure Heroine"

    Has it really been two years???

    Flawless angel Lorde has been celebrating the two-year anniversary of Pure Heroine, the album which launched her career.

    #2yearsofpureheroine wow ❤️ thank you for changing my life, and for being my friends. my overwhelming gratitude for you all will never end

    To help celebrate, fans are uploading their Lorde-inspired tattoos, some of which the queen herself even shared.

    you tattooed my work on your bodies, and i got tears in my eyes #2yearsofpureheroine

    Plenty of people had the album logo proudly on their arms.

    Hey @lordemusic! Check out my post on Tumblr. It's of you and it's permanent. ( #lorde #tattoo

    Others chose lyrics, like this line from "400 Lux".

    And a quote from "Ribs"...

    @lordemusic don't forget about your girl

    ...along with "Tennis Court"...

    2 years of the album that inspired me to dream big and never be apologetic for it 💙 PH will always have my heart

    ...and "Buzzcut Season".

    Some people opted for the album title on their skin.

    to the album that changed my life. I'm absolutely giddy about this. ❤️✨

    i guess you could say i love this album just a little bit #2yearsofpureheroine

    Other fans incorporated art into their Lorde-themed pieces.

    And this fanatic made it pretty obvious who their fave is.

    @lordemusic follow me or im getting it removed

    While we're happy celebrating this iconic anniversary, we also really NEED Lorde's second album, like now???

    @lordemusic mom can you give us a release date for the new album mom?

    We know she was busy last year with The Hunger Games soundtrack and all, but PLEASE.

    Because there's no such thing as too much Lorde.



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