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18 McDonald's Hacks That Are Definitely Worth Trying

We tried them all, so you can trust us.

We recently asked members of BuzzFeed Community how they hack the McDonald's menu.

We went to McDonald's and were able to order every item without the staff seeming bothered about the alterations.

1. Canadian breakfast

2. Multi-meat burger

3. Ketchup and mayo breakfast McMuffin

4. Egg muffin

5. Apple pie milkshake

6. Quarter Pounder with extra goodness

7. Cheap McFlurry

8. McTaco

9. Mini Mac

10. Oreo milkshake

11. Simple salad.

12. Hot fudge frappucino

13. Chicken Mac

14. McCookie

15. The giant nugget

16. Jam cake

17. Bacon ice cream

18. Fresh fries

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