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18 McDonald's Hacks That Are Definitely Worth Trying

We tried them all, so you can trust us.

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We recently asked members of BuzzFeed Community how they hack the McDonald's menu.

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

We went to McDonald's and were able to order every item without the staff seeming bothered about the alterations.

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

Although we did order during a quiet period and did get a few surprised looks. Here's what we ordered.

1. Canadian breakfast

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Instant Canadian-style breakfast to go! Order a sausage McMuffin with a hash brown plus McDonald's syrup. The hash brown goes in the sausage McMuffin then dip into the syrup and enjoy! Add bacon if you wish."

- Rhys89

2. Multi-meat burger

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Order a regular burger, a McChicken and a Filet-O-Fish patty, and ask for them to be stacked on top of each other. The order goes as follows: bread, beef, bread, chicken, bread, fish, bread."

- bberryafraid

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

This was ridiculously hard to get in my mouth but it tasted pretty damn good, except for the fish because fish is the WORST.

3. Ketchup and mayo breakfast McMuffin

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Add ketchup and mayo in the breakfast McMuffins - they're dry otherwise!"

- Sarah Kerby, Facebook

4. Egg muffin

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Get the sausage muffin off the dollar menu and ask to substitute the egg for sausage."

- alyssao4ff8547c1

5. Apple pie milkshake

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"It's very delicious to ask for your apple pie to be broken into your milkshake."

- Matty Cormier, Facebook

6. Quarter Pounder with extra goodness

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Ask for a Quarter Pounder with an Angus patty, two rashers of bacon and parmesan cheese. Quality."

- James Alexander Hayes, Facebook

7. Cheap McFlurry

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Get a plain sundae and add M&M's (or whatever add-in you like). It's cheaper than a McFlurry!"

- Jemima Skelley

*They even put this in a McFlurry cup but only charged us for the sundae with M&M's!

8. McTaco

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"A cheeseburger with no sauce or pickle, add chunky tomato sauce, garlic aioli, lettuce and tomato. Tastes like a taco."

- tahliag2

9. Mini Mac

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"I loved when Macca's had the Son Of Mac, so I order a cheeseburger with lettuce and Big Mac sauce. It's damn good."

- Gyan Yankovich

10. Oreo milkshake

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"My friend who works there taught me this:

1. Order a vanilla milkshake.

2. Ask for Oreos to be blended into the top and bottom of the shake."

- lauryng45ebd058f

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

I knew I'd like this one because Oreos. That's it really.

11. Simple salad.

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Chicken nuggets on top of a side salad = lunch".

- caligirlatheart

12. Hot fudge frappucino

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Order a mocha frappucino but ask for hot fudge sauce instead of chocolate syrup. it tastes much more chocolatey."

- Elisa Young, Facebook

13. Chicken Mac

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Get a Big Mac but ask to change the beef for McChicken patties."

- zacw49d4852d4

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

Another hard to eat one, plus also pretty messy. Despite that, I'd still recommend because chicken is my jam.

14. McCookie

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Stir McDonald's cookies through a McFlurry with caramel sauce. FUCK YEAH."

- rachelm4628027f6

15. The giant nugget

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Instead of nuggets, just get the patty off a McChicken burger and your sauce of choice. It's way cheaper and less likely to be dry."

- admgreenbomb

16. Jam cake

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"Ask for hotcakes with no butter, with jam and soft serve ice cream."

- ellztrap

17. Bacon ice cream

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"I used to work at McDonald's. One guy came in and ordered an ice cream with bacon in it and suddenly we would get different people coming in everyday and ordering ice cream with bacon."

- codyS95

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

By far the weirdest thing I've ever eaten but the hot and cold combo actually worked??? I definitely wouldn't eat it if the bacon got cold though. Soggy bacon just isn't my thing tbh.

18. Fresh fries

Anna Mendoza / Via BuzzFeed

"You're guaranteed fresh fries every single time when you order them as no salt. They make them just for you, but then when they dump them into the holding bin, the fries pick up just enough trace salt."

- Madonna Kilpatrick, Facebook

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