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    21 Aussie Drag Queens Who Are Too Fierce For Words

    So many talented drag queens, so little time.

    1. Mènage A'Trois

    2. Charisma Belle

    3. Marie Claire

    4. Courtney Act

    5. Vanity Faire

    6. Tora Hymen

    7. Rhuma Hazzet

    8. Art Simone

    9. Decoda Secret

    10. Hannah Conda

    11. Millie Minogue

    12. Minnie Cooper

    13. Prada Clutch

    14. Philmah Bocks

    15. Kitty Glitter

    16. Summer Salt

    17. Dallas Dellaforce

    18. Burley Chassis

    19. April Fools

    20. Maxi Shield

    21. And of course, Dame Edna Everage

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