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21 Aussie Drag Queens Who Are Too Fierce For Words

So many talented drag queens, so little time.

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1. Mènage A'Trois

Mènage A'Trois will give you outfit envy thanks to her damn fine wardrobe. Who else could pull off leaves and purple flowers?

2. Charisma Belle

As a multi-award winning performer, Charisma Belle's life will make you jealous as hell. She's rubbed shoulders with Pete Wentz, Jesse Spencer, Ashlee Simpson and even performed for Richard Branson.

3. Marie Claire

Not only is she a vision of beauty but last year Marie Claire was also named an ambassador for underwear brand Bonds. Basically, she’s killing it.

4. Courtney Act

If you haven't seen Courtney Act's face on television yet, you haven't been living your best life. She was originally a semi-finalist on Australian Idol in 2003 before becoming a finalist on RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2014. She is now an ambassador for American Apparel. You know, she's just casually ruling the world.

5. Vanity Faire

Yes, she's beautiful and yes, she pulls off rainbow dye like nobody's business, but Vanity Faire is also a damn good businesswoman. She boasts ownership of wig website Wigs By Vanity alongside Courtney Act.

6. Tora Hymen

Tora Hymen possibly has one of the best drag names in the business, and that's basically the greatest achievement you could hope for. On top of that, she's also shared the stage with Katy Perry and Adam Lambert.

7. Rhuma Hazzet

Rhuma Hazzet 100% knows how to rock some strategically placed glitter, plus she's also a huge Pokemon fan with the tattoo to prove it.

8. Art Simone

On top of being a talented performer, Art Simone also slayed in the 2014 film, Cut Snake.

9. Decoda Secret

Decoda Secret has performed alongside Tina Arena, Cindi Lauper and RuPaul, which is enough reason to bow down.

10. Hannah Conda

Hannah Conda is beautiful AF but she’s also really great at creating incredibly terrifying costumes. You've been warned.

11. Millie Minogue

Millie Minogue is obviously the long lost sister of Kylie Minogue and there's nothing you can say otherwise.

12. Minnie Cooper

Last year Minnie Cooper was named Bitch Of The Year and Miss Congeniality at the DIVA Awards. Two accolades which are life goals tbh.

13. Prada Clutch

Prada Clutch has an impressive set of pipes on her and also pulls off a convincing Conchita Wurst impression.

14. Philmah Bocks

On top of her drag career, Philmah Bocks also runs a gender illusion service and is a co-host of the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert festival with Art Simone.

15. Kitty Glitter

As well as being a successful drag queen, Kitty Glitter is also a DJ, and in 2012 she was invited by Lady Gaga to play at a private party.

16. Summer Salt

Summer Salt has danced with Katy Perry, starred in a Kylie Minogue retrospective show, worked the crowd at multiple night clubs and performed at the Mardi Gras Spectacular.

17. Dallas Dellaforce

If looking at Dallas Dellaforce doesn't make you want to strike your fiercest pose, I don't know what else will.

18. Burley Chassis

Burley Chassis is so talented with a brush, she almost looks photoshopped in everything. She's living the (painted) dream.

19. April Fools

April Fools boasts expert make-up skills but she also has a great onesie collection.

20. Maxi Shield

Apart from having a damn infectious smile, Maxi Shield also runs the award winning show (which incorporates food), Meals on Heels.

21. And of course, Dame Edna Everage

The legend of all legends. Dame Edna is so damn important she's been immortalised with a bronze statue, which resides in Melbourne. Bow down.