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Here’s How Drag Queen Courtney Act Perfectly Applies False Eyelashes

Prepare to have amazing lashes.

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Apart from being a goddess, Courtney Act is an Australian drag queen and singer who has starred on Australian Idol and RuPaul's Drag Race. As an added bonus, she also knows how to apply a pair of eyelashes that'll look so good, you'll never want to take them off. Courtney stopped by BuzzFeed Oz to show us how to rock the perfect pair of falsies.


Step 4: Take the lash and place it in the centre of your lid.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

"And don't put it too close to the centre of the eye or the end of the eye. If you do that, the lash will stab you in the tear duct constantly and make your eye water."


Courtney is performing shows in Sydney and Melbourne during November. For more info, head here.

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