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    Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan-Tatum Are Celebrating Their Anniversary And Love Is Real

    This is perfection.

    Jenna Dewan-Tatum shared this photo to celebrate her seven-year wedding anniversary with Channing Tatum, and holy shit, it's TOO MUCH.

    Channing also shared his own anniversary tweet, which will make your heart melt all over again.

    This woman, 11 yrs together, 7 married. Happy anniversary Cake. Thank you baby I love you. Plus you look daaaaanmm!😵

    Their ~romance~ first started when they met on the set of the 2006 film, Step Up . Look at that CHEMISTRY.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    They've been dating ever since, and in 2009 they got married in what was most likely a very magical event.

    Instagram: @channingtatum / Via

    On top of that perfect love story, Channing and Jenna have a daughter named Everly.

    Instagram: @channingtatum / Via

    That little arm. 😭

    If you're not yet overwhelmed, please look at this collage Channing uploaded three years ago for a past anniversary. LOOK. AT. IT.

    Instagram: @channingtatum / Via

    Too real. Too pure.

    Happy anniversary you beautiful creatures.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

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