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21 Important Questions Australians Have For Canadians

What's up with poutine?

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2. What's up with poutine?

It looks... interesting.

3. Are beaver tails made out of real beaver tails?

That's sick. You're sick Canada.


6. Are you all just permanently freezing?

No thanks.


11. What's with your maple syrup obsession?

Also, is it true your money smells like the stuff?


15. Why do you get a cute maple leaf on your golden arches?

Can we have a kangaroo on ours, or?


17. Are you all really nice?

Or is it just an act?

18. WTF kind of flavour is this?

It's called sauce, not ketchup, FYI.

19. Why are you so obsessed with Tim Hortons?

Is it good? If so, can we have one?