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Chris Hemsworth Did The Nicest Thing For A Fan Who Returned His Wallet

"We found Thor's wallet!"

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Chris Hemsworth stopped by The Ellen Show on Monday, in all of his beautiful glory.

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During the show, the actor told Ellen that he recently lost his wallet, thinking he'd never see it again.

But as luck would have it, a young man found it and went through the effort of tracking down the owner.

Tristan, the guy who returned the wallet, was brought onstage and praised for his honesty.

As someone who just wanted to return the wallet to its rightful owner, Tristan was shocked when he eventually discovered who it belonged to.

Clearly impressed by Tristan's good deed, Chris gave him all of the money that was originally in his wallet.

But Ellen one-upped him, dishing out $10,000. / Via

Look at his parents tho :').

Moral of the story: It pays to be a decent person.