We Need To Talk About Drake’s Old Band

Downtown Sasquatch forever.

1. Everyone knows Drake.

Grant Lamos Iv / Getty Images

That’s Drake.

2. He hot. He nice. He Canadian.

3. But not everyone knows about his old band, Downtown Sasquatch.


4. They were a rock group and they were ICONIC.


They also experimented with a funk sound for a little while but it didn’t work out.

5. They had hits like “Dust” and “I Never Met You Before”.


Yes Drake, stare into the distance. If you look hard enough, you’ll see your bright future.

6. After some original members left, Downtown Sasquatch eventually disbanded for good when lead guitarist and vocalist Craig Manning went solo.


Thanks a lot Craig.

7. But obviously that was for the best because look where Drake is now.

He’s doing stuff.

8. Although they’re broken up, here’s hoping a reunion tour could be on the cards.


Never say never!

9. Long live Downtown Sasquatch!



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Caitlin Jinks is an Editorial Coordinator for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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