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    19 Parents Who Completely Nailed Book Week Costumes

    So much creativity!

    1. This marvellous Madeline.

    2. This Mad Hatter duo, who prove two is better than one.

    3. This VERY hungry caterpillar.

    4. This purr-fect Cat in the Hat.

    5. This miniature version of Roald Dahl's BFG.

    6. This spectacularly spooky Slappy the dummy.

    7. And this spot-on R.L. Stine, complete with briefcase.

    8. This charming Paddington Bear.

    9. This spellbinding Luna Lovegood.

    10. And this adorable Harry Potter, who is ready to take on Voldemort.

    11. This very Aussie Kookoo the Kookaburra.

    12. This on-point Darth Vader and Rey, who both look out of this world.

    13. This delightful Oompa Loompa.

    14. This Ash Ketchum, who clearly knows how to catch 'em all.

    15. Along with this perfect Pikachu.

    16. And this Officer Jenny, armed with an Eevee.

    17. This cheeky pairing of Mario and Luigi.

    18. This pint-sized Harley Quinn.

    19. And this true-blue duo made up of Blinky Bill and Kylie Minogue.