21 Parents Who Pulled Off The Best Book Week Costumes

    These kids are too CUTE.

    1. This incredible Alice in Wonderland mash-up.

    2. This adorable Woody.

    3. This fantastic Frida Kahlo.

    4. This magical Mary Poppins.

    5. And this one!

    6. This ballerina, complete with dancing shoes.

    7. This cheeky Joker.

    8. This playful pup, Harry.

    9. This tiny explorer.

    10. This hard-to-find Wally.

    11. This Paper Bag Princess, complete with dragon.

    12. This mini Harry Potter, who is destined for Hogwarts.

    13. And this one, who is definitely in Gryffindor.

    14. This simple, yet super-effective Wimpy Kid.

    15. This cheery Fly Guy.

    16. This charming Charlotte, who looks ready to spin her web.

    17. This convincing Cruella de Vil.

    18. This Dorothy, who is ready to float away to Oz.

    19. These suited-up Bad Guys.

    20. This pint-sized Madeline.

    21. And this marvelous Ms Frizzle, who's waiting for her magic school bus.