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    17 Times Chris Hemsworth Had The Most Adorable Family In The History Of The World

    Family goals.

    1. When Chris made it very clear how in love he is with his amazing wife, Elsa Pataky.

    2. And when they romantically looked out into the distance while chilling on a boat.

    3. When their twin sons Tristan and Sasha were the epitome of cuteness in their little seats.

    4. And when they held hands and you literally died from the adorableness.

    5. When Chris shared a sweet moment with his daughter India Rose while filming The Huntsman.

    6. And when he escorted her across the polo field and you couldn't help but say "awww".

    7. When he looked all protective while his babies checked out the skyline.

    8. When your heart almost burst as Elsa looked at her three little cuties.

    9. And when she played in the park and made you want to have twins because LOOK AT THEM.

    10. When Chris showed his daughter some moves and you realised he's not only a great dad but also an A+ yoga teacher.

    11. And when he gave her a kiss and you couldn't handle the overwhelming sweetness of it all.

    12. When he wasn't afraid to let his wife kick his butt because an A-list family that trains together, stays together.

    13. When the duo played in a field of flowers and they just seemed so damn happy.

    14. And when they cuddled close and helped you define what true love is.

    15. When Elsa was literally a vision of beauty while doing casual ol' mum things.

    16. When everyone went on a family hike and Chris powered in front because he's literally Thor.

    17. And when he seemed caught up in the moment with his beautiful little family and all was right with the world.

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