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    A Reminder Of How Terrifying Tim Curry Was As Pennywise

    Will Poulter has allegedly been cast as the new Pennywise. But we'll never forget the original evil clown.

    According to Variety, Will Poulter is in negotiations to play Pennywise, the nightmare-inducing clown in a new film adaptation of Stephen King's horror novel, It.

    Will has some big shoes to fill after fellow Englishman Tim Curry delivered a memorable performance as Pennywise in the 1990 miniseries.

    Seriously, he was TERRIFYING.

    Do you remember his creepy smile?

    And those awful sharp teeth?

    There's a 100% chance he made you hate clowns.

    It's like he was scary without even really trying.

    He's probably the reason you never, ever go near storm drains.

    He just came out of nowhere to haunt your dreams forever.

    There was no way you were getting any sleep after seeing his face.

    Thank you for the coulrophobia, Tim.