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    16 Hilariously Rude Christmas Cards

    For your inner Grinch. NSFW language, obviously. All cards taken from KissMeKwik.

    1. This rather jolly message.

    2. This Santa, who wants to punish you for your social media habits

    3. This sassy character.

    4. This friendly reminder.

    5. This sad revelation.

    6. For the person who enjoys a glass of wine...or two, or three.

    7. This nicotine addicted Santa.

    8. This blunt message.

    9. This amazing Human Centipede tribute.

    10. The perfect card for your sassy co-worker.

    11. This subtle hint that you should drink less.

    12. This wonderful mail delivery.

    13. Mrs. Claus revealing her true colours.

    14. For the kleptomaniac in you.

    15. These shitty little kids who can't mind their own business.

    16. And finally, this friendly birthday reminder.