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11 Questions The Veronica Mars Movie Left Unanswered

This post contains spoilers (duh), so unless you've seen the movie, stop scrolling and watch the damn thing.

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1. Where Was Lilly Kane?

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Not a single mention, nor flashback was given to this high school sweetheart. There was even a memorial service given for deceased Neptune High students at the reunion, but Lilly was over looked. It hardly seems fair considering she was a huge part of everyone's lives. Sad face.

2. And Duncan Kane?


Did everyone just forget about him? How's he handling fatherhood? I guess we can't really expect him to pop up unexpectedly considering he fled the country with a baby, but a mention would have been nice.

4. Who Killed Deputy Sacks?

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Sadly, pornstache Sacks was killed after a car intentionally ploughed into him, but who was the driver behind the wheel? Keith was also in the wreckage, but he was pulled out just in time. Will the driver come back for him? We can safely assume the culprit was a member of the corrupt sheriff's department, but who? And will they be punished? ALL THE QUESTIONS.

7. Will Weevil Be Okay?

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Weevil's storyline ends with him returning to the criminal lifestyle he left behind, and this can't be good news for anyone. Could his wife and adorable little spawn leave him because of the drama? Oh Eli, don't throw away everything you've worked so hard for!

10. Will This Work Out?

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180 days is a long time apart, will Logan and Veronica be able to stick it out? I know, their love is epic, spanning years and continents, yadda yadda yadda, but they're only human. Also, will Logan be safe during his duty?

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