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    14 Truths Of Moving Back Home As Told By Mindy Lahiri

    You just graduated from a great school, but you're still jobless. Time to move back home.

    1. At the beginning your parents are super supportive and let you chill/wallow:

    2. This is what you say to yourself every day when you look in the mirror:

    3. You know absolutely everything that is on TV. EVERYTHING.

    4. You lie when people ask you how you're doing.

    5. People constantly tell you to “use your contacts that you made in school.”

    6. This is how your job search is actually going:

    7. You spend all day watching Ted Talks to motivate you to do something important with your life.

    8. You apply to substitute teach at your old school system.

    9. You question what you really want to do and try to set more realistic goals.

    10. You get really good at contouring.

    11. Those people you thought you’d do better than in highschool? They’re married, with kids, and the president of a Fortune 500 company.

    12. Random people will ask you your plan. Your neighbors, the woman who waxes your eyebrows, the Publix employee checking you out...

    13. You make a promise to yourself that you will NOT apply to grad school.

    14. But, ultimately you’re grateful every day that you have a home to come back to and that your family still thinks you’re the best.