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This Is How Dramatically Women's Makeup Has Changed Throughout History

A diverse group of women show just how much women's makeup has changed through the ages.

Makeup, in some form, has been used in almost every recorded society in history. We looked back and wondered: how has makeup changed throughout time?

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Ancient Egypt (c. 3150 - 31 BC)

Ancient Greece (c. 800 - 500 BC)

India's Gupta Age (c. 320 - 550 A.D.)

Elizabethan Era (c. 1558 - 1603)

Japanese Geishas (c. mid-1700s)

Pre-French Revolution (c. 1775 - 1789)

Victorian Era (c. 1837 - 1901)

Swingin' Sixties (c. 1960 - 1969)

What look will be idealized next?