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12 Día De Muertos Recipes That Are Just As Fun To Make As They Are To Eat

Día De Muertos is not just about celebrating family; it's also about eating delicious food. Check out these delicious recipes that are just as fun to eat as they are to make!

1. Conchas Vampiras

Ericka Sanchez / Via

For a spooky twist on a classic concha, this adds delicious coffee cream and fresh berries.

2. Mole Negro

Dora Stone / Via

Día de Muertos wouldn't be complete without mole, and this recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

3. Easy and Edible Sugar Skulls

Silvia @ Mama Latina Tips / Via

This classic candy not only is edible, but also makes for festive and personalized decorations for your Día de Muertos celebration.

4. Calabaza en Tacha

Vianney Rodriguez / Via

For a warm and comforting fall dish, Calabaza en Tacha or candied pumpkin or simply Tacha is a traditional food served for Dia de Muertos.

5. Pan De Muerto

Yvette Marquez / Via

Pan de muerto, aka bread of the dead, is the star of the show.

6. Flan (that also happens to be vegan!)

Dora Stone / Via

This classic gets a vegan makeover.

7. Pork Tamales

Mely Martinez / Via

Nothing says the holidays like a batch of tamales.

8. Chile Jackfruit Tamales

Dora Stone / Via

9. Dia de Muertos Rice Krispies Treat

Nicole Presley / Via

For an easy but colorful showstopper, try this classic rice krispies treat and decorate with your favorite candy!

10. Gelatina Cake

Gelatina cake is a popular Mexican dessert, and this version with a skull mold makes it perfect for Día de Muertos.

11. Sweet Corn Atole

Mely Martinez / Via

Fall isn't complete without this classic fall drink made from sweet corn.

12. Sugar Skull Brownies

Beth Klosterboer / Via

And if you need another skull-themed dessert, these skull-shaped brownies are a delicious spooky treat.