5 Date Ideas To Try This Weekend

Dinner and a movie is overrated. Try one of these ideas to keep it fresh and exciting.

1. Ice skating

Unless one of you is Michelle Kwan, holding hands to keep your balance is a must. It doesn’t have to be winter to enjoy this activity. There are indoor rinks that offer open skate all year long!

2. Have a 4 course meal at 4 different restaurants

Who says you can’t have chips and guac AND spaghetti?

3. Rock climbing

Find your nearest climbing gym and get a move on! Plus, I’m sure you won’t mind watching your significant other flex their muscles as they scale the wall.

4. Beer/wine tasting

Take a tour of a local brewery or vineyard. Many offer free tours!

5. Cartoon date

Who says you can’t have your date at 10am? Grab some coffee and snuggle up on the couch watching your favorite childhood cartoons. Eat your favorite sugary cereal straight from the box!

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