Saddest Moments In Gaming *SPOILERS*

I wasn’t *sniff* crying! *sniff*

1. MGS3 Ending

“Forgive me, Snake.”

2. Final Fantasy VII

Aeris/Aerith dies

3. The Last of Us Beginning

“Don’t think I ever told you but Sarah and I used to take hikes like this. I think ah … I think the two of you would’ve been good friends. Think you really woulda liked her. I know she woulda liked you.”

4. Portal Companion Cube

“While it has been a faithful companion, your Companion Cube cannot accompany you through the rest of the test. If it could talk - and the Enrichment Center takes this opportunity to remind you that it cannot - it would tell you to go on without it, because it would rather die in a fire than become a burden to you.”

5. The Walking Dead Game Episode 5: No Time Left Ending

6. Heavy Rain

Ethan’s Story

7. Mass Effect 3

“I’m proud of you.”

8. Gears of War 3

Dom sacrifices himself

9. Half Life 2 Ending of Episode 2

“Don’t leave me”

10. Silent Hill 2 Ending - Mary’s Letter

“You made me happy.”

11. Mother 3 Ending


12. To The Moon Ending

“Because one day…I’m going to befriend one of them.”

13. MGS4

The entire game.

14. Shadow of the Colossus

Agro’s fall

15. Kingdom Hearts

“Don’t ever forget. Wherever you go, I’m always with you.”

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