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26 People You Will See On Black Friday

Be on the lookout! And know what you're in for.

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6. A Family That Refuses To Be Separated

They're there for the deals, but they make sure not to ever lose each other in the process, even if it means cutting you off with their train they have made by holding each other's hands.

8. The Prepared Shopper

She's left the kids home with Dad, she's done her research on the best deals and what she needs, mapped out the store, knows all the Black Friday tips from years of experience, and will be in and out in no time, thanks to her carefully scheduled out shopping plan.

9. Crazy Walmart Shoppers

They have forgotten all social rules of society and any grasp of reality once they get in the store. All they can see or focus on are those deals, and they will do whatever it takes to make sure they get them.

10. The Shockingly Aggressive Grandma

One of the most aggressive shoppers you will run into on Black Friday and you will have an extremely strong urge to knock them down, but will make yourself contain it because... well, they're elderly after all.

12. Asian Ladies Stocking Up

They're smart and they see opportunity where it presents itself. They know how much they can sell the items for and recognize the profit they can make on them. Only problem is they wipe the shelves clean before anyone else can get just one. They might even ask you for yours if they see you snagged one!

22. The Less Than Thrilled Young Adults

Probably came with their parents, probably were excited at first or were forced to come out with the family, but definitely ready to go home now. However, their parents are still fighting the good one for pots and pans.

23. The Confused Couple

They thought they might try it out this year, see what all the fuss is about. They didn't come with any items in mind, but found a few trinkets they might as well grab and are mainly there to watch the madness from afar in amusement.

24. On The Phone Shoppers

They've separated their group up in order to cover more ground faster and keep checking in to make sure they're not doubling up on on things and have all of their list items covered.

25. Over It Employees

They've been there longer than you have and they've been dealing with the madness from the other side. They're tired and don't have the excitement of scoring rare deals to keep them going. They've been over it since before it all began and they're ready to go home and sleep.

No matter who you are, everyone will have one thing in common on Black Friday and no one will be able to escape the crowds.

We're in this together, people - Unite with one another, help each other, and Remember - it's only stuff. In the end, this is the time of year meant to remind us of what we already have and what really matters in life. It might not be all about that big flat screen you've been wanting. :)

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