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10 Ways You Know It's Time To Move Closer To Work

Because that's enough of that shit!

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1. Your commute in the morning looks like this:

2. You're running out of excuses for coming in late

3. You'd like to have time in the morning to do things. Like shower and eat breakfast. Who knows, maybe even coordinate your outfit!

4. You're not able to afford the gas money it takes to get you to work in between paychecks

5. The muscles in your butt are just as sore as the ones in your back

6. You actually have the time to get through and win things in radio contests on your ride into work

7. There's no such thing as "just stopping by" the office on the weekend to pick up something you forgot. It's a freaking process.

8. You've considered learning a new language, purchasing audio books, or listening to motivational speakers during your commute

9. You don't drive anywhere on the weekends if it's over 3 miles away. Even when your friends beg you to go out with them.

10. You want to slap the shit out of people who complain about the "bad" traffic this morning that made their commute 20 minutes instead of 10

All in all, life would just be so much better if you either quit your job and got a new one closer to where you live or keep your job and move closer to where you work. In fact, you should just quit your job and stay inside. Driving places is overrated.

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