10 Tasty Cartoon Foods You Wanted To Eat

So good, you can almost taste it.

1. This guy eating a piece of cake from Ferngully.


2. Rugrats Reptar Bar

It looked so delicious. And it turned your tongue green!

3. Anything ever eaten on Rocket Power.

Those kids ate the most mouthwatering junk and never gained an ounce because they exercised so freakin’ much…and they’re a cartoon and don’t have to worry about weight gain…

4. These books.

I guess these aren’t technically a cartoon? Either way, they looked completely appetizing then and still do now.

5. Whatever these two were eating.

Always wanted to pack it away like these two could.

6. These guys and their delightful looking pizza.

So cheeeeeeesy……mmmmmm

7. This donut.

So pretty…so pink…and so delectable looking.

8. This piece of meat Scar gave to the hyenas in The Lion King.

Always made me want to tear into a steak.

9. This heavenly hamburger.

If only we had the secret formula…

10. Dog’s enjoyable appetite from CatDog

So much food…so little time

Anyone ready for lunch?

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