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Have 1D Fans Made It "Through The Dark"?

Proof that maybe, just maybe, there is happiness Post-Zayn for the One Direction fandom.

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Obviously, Zayn Malik's announcement about leaving One Direction caused a bit of a meltdown in the 1D fandom last week.

There was sadness,

niallerthecreator / Via

the unforgettable memories,

monetfan / Via
littlenarnia / Via

the emotionally beautiful fanart,

rubycurls / Via
rubycurls / Via
kendrawcandraw / Via
kendrawcandraw / Via
kendrawcandraw / Via
kendrawcandraw / Via
cyrilliart / Via
crytilliart / Via
smargo64 / Via
susumzee / Via
susumzee / Via
susumzee / Via

the gratitude,

heartdidwhisper / Via
23yo / Via

the gummy bear people,

@OfficialHARIBO / Via

the pictures,

ridiculouslittleidiots / Via
dontmesswiththeboyfriends / Via

and the little sparks of hope.

popunklouis / Via
cockholmsyndrome / Via

And in the midst of the sadness, a new wave of support emerged for the remaining 1D boys (Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam...if you live under a rock)

or the OT4 if you're cool.

Starting with their new stage formation for 'What Makes You Beautiful',

harryandmesohappily / Via

and the general excitement and support for the group,

samegig / Via
barefootau / Via
harryfuckmeup / Via
birdonahotdog / Via
theboyfriendstagram / Via

OT4 forever, you guys.

But, don't you worry, no one forgot about Zayn or his rumored plans to work on solo music either,

excuseme-no / Via
benwinstagram / Via
fuckyeahzarry / Via
yungyasersquad / Via

Basically it's been a wild week for Directioners everywhere,

halfsleeper / Via

But they've made it to the bright side! For now.

Just how fast the night changes, eh?

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