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13 Things You Can Learn From GIRLS

Just in case you're not learning enough from, like, life.

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1. The weirdest things that happen to you have, most likely, already happened to someone else too. / Via girlshbo

2. You don't always need a valid reason for things. / Via girllshbo

3. Things can always be worse. / Via gurl

4. Suprises aren't always awesome. / Via plexxaglass

5. Sometimes the world lies to us. / Via peetaswifts

6. Wednesdays don't have to suck. / Via chwaletlove

7. You need a friend to tell you when your life is a lie. / Via amandaayoung

8. We're all kind of looking for the same things these days. / Via pearlsofwisdom23

9. Growing up isn't, like, the best thing ever. / Via andiwaslikewut

10. Being "okay" is subjective. / Via becausetonightweareinfinite

11. You're SO not alone in feeling like a prisoner of your own mind. / Via hormonroe

12. Self-confidence is VERY important.

13. Starting small on the whole adult thing is totally okay.

GIRLS, they're just like us. / Via movielovinggirl / Via movielovinggirl

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