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10 Best Puppy-Grams You Should Be Following

Looking to fill your days with pictures of the cutest pups? These are the instagram accounts you should be stalking...I mean following.

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6. Harlow and Sage

Flollows pups Harlow, Sage (passed away last year) and Indiana a weimaraner and two dachsunds loving friendship. If cuddles are your thing, this is the one for you.

4. Tuna Melts My Heart

If you haven't been introduced to Tuna, you are now. Tuna is a three year old chiweenie and was born with an aggressive overbite and a lower recessed jawline. He is beautiful, cuddly, and fantastic. Follow him.

3. This Wild Idea

Maddie is a gorgeous Coonhound and her friend, Theron, from the famous Maddie on Things. Together they create dog art. Follow them to see the mundane become marvelous.

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