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21 Things Every Tall Girl Is Sick Of Hearing

"You're tall."

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We asked tall girls of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the one thing they were most sick of hearing. Here are the age-old results.

1. "You can't be 5'10", because I'm 5'10"!"

Yahoo / Via

No, every guy ever, I am 5'10". You are 5'8".

Submitted by emilys453b80a4d

2. "You're tall."

NBC / Via

In the words of Phoebe Buffay, "This is brand new information."

Submitted by Emily Hamilton Essex, Facebook

3. "Did you get taller since the last time I saw you?"

Apatow Productions / Via

No. I'm ten years out of puberty and you're just short.

Submitted by kerryrong

4. "You're REALLY tall."

20th Century Fox Film / Via

Would you like a trophy for pointing this out?

Submitted by christinem4fa945097

5. "Do you think you'll marry a really tall guy?"


I am a tall human, not a fortune teller. Do you think it will rain on April 17th, 2045?

Submitted by Caroline Kee, Facebook

6. "So which is it, basketball or volleyball?"

WGN / Via

I'm shit at sports, everyone. Stop asking.

Submitted by Sabina Zabarte, Facebook

7. "At least you don't need to wear heels."


And neither do you. They have ladders for that. But even from way up here I can see my feet and they look damn good.

Submitted by emilyinchile

8. "So would you ever date a shorter guy?"


Because height is THE only consideration for love.

Submitted by Emily Clous, Facebook

9. "How tall ARE you?"

E! / Via

Please, guess.

Submitted by Jacqueline Haden, Facebook

10. "Too bad you can't wear heels around your boyfriend."

FX / Via

Sweetheart, I'm 5'10" and quite frankly, I'll wear what I please.

Submitted by keatonelizabeth

11. *Sigh* "I wish I was taller...but not as tall as you."

Bold Films / Via

The compliments are the best.

Submitted by isabellj

12. "Clothes shopping must be so easy for you. I bet everything fits."

ABC / Via

Sure it does.

Submitted by Sara Glennon, Facebook

13. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re really tall?”

Fox / Via


Submitted by kaylaf4281ca5ae

14. "I can't believe you don't play basketball. Height is so important."


So is coordination. Which I don't have.

Submitted by fionap460adef67

15. "You make me feel so short."

Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

Well, this is why I asked genetics to give me me awkward height - to spite your cute, petite, easy-to-shop-for size.

Submitted by Allie Marie, Facebook

16. "Can you stand in the back? No one else can see."

BBC / Via

The bane of middle school existence.

Submitted by christychambers1

17. "How's the weather up there?"

NBC / Via

This has never been clever. And it never will be.

Submitted by corteselynn

18. "Oh, you're so big!"


Gee. That's nice.

Submitted by Rachel Jonas, Facebook

19. "You're just like a giraffe."

Paramount Pictures

Because that's every girl's dream.

Submitted by katieh450c17973

20. "You really are 6 ft tall, like your profile said."

WE tv

Yeah. And you are definitely not 6'1".

Submitted by kinis

21. "I like short girls."


Every tall guy I know.

Submitted by baillied

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