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Which P1Harmony Member Are You?

P1Harmony finds out which member they REALLY are, and it turns out this quiz is preettyyy accurate if we do say so ourselves.

To celebrate their recent comeback, "Back Down," P1Harmony took a quiz to find out which member they REALLY are.

What are the members most likely to do on their day off? What's a song they'll never get tired of? And if they could be another member for a day, who would they choose? Watch the video to find out the members' answers here:

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Now it's your turn to find out which member you are most like! Take our "Which P1Harmony Member Are You?" quiz below to compare your answers to the boys and let us know who you got!

Now that you know which member you're most like be sure to go see P1Harmony on tour to see if you agree with your results!