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I Was In A Sorority, And They're Not As Crazy As They Seem

"Hi. I’m Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods. We’re both Gemini vegetarians."

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I Was In A Sorority, And They're Not As Crazy As They Seem

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If you ever tell someone you we're in a sorority in college you will probably get one of three responses:

1. Are you trying to recruit me? NO.

2. Do you do the crazy door thing? NO.

3. Was it like sororities in movies? (Cue Selena Gomez^) Well...Sorta.

Ok ok, so some of it IS what you expect. Parties, frat boys, and formals. But you could argue that this is just a normal part of the college experience. However there is a lot of weird things that people tend to associate ALL of greek life with..and it's simply not accurate. Not for all of us anyway.

Sorry to disappoint, but every sorority is not like Legally Blonde. For example, I went to college in a big city. So my sorority experience is surely very different from someone attending a more Southern school. In the south, it is more common to live in a sorority house, participate in "door stacks" which is where the sorority greets potential new members by opening their doors and chanting (it's truly horrifying..look it up,) and wear workout shorts paired with a T-shirt so big you can't tell they are wearing shorts at all.

My sorority did none of these things (cough cough thank god.) Sure, it probably would have been really cool to have a "sorority house," but living in a big city made that nearly impossible. There is not enough room for celebrity-like mansions in the middle of urban spaces. Instead, most of the girls in the chapter ended up living together throughout the years in apartments that were just near to more sisters. My apartment had 4 of us all in greek life together. So you could say it was like a mini-sorority house. But it had it's perks. If you needed some time away from your sisters, that was easy to do without 200+ women under one roof. We also didn't have to deal with any absurd rules or any parental figures, a.k.a a House Mother.

Now I cannot stress this one enough. WE DID NOT DO DOOR STACKS. I don't know why anyone would want to join a sorority when the first impression they have is a pack of girls shouting at them. It's weird. please stop. Instead, we greeted girls normally, with a hand shake and a "nice to see you." Crazy, I know, how did we ever get on?! Truth is we had the best retention rates. Most likely because we don't scare them away at the door. I know I know, for some of you, this practice is tradition but c'mon ladies, it's not Halloween.

Lastly, we aren't all rich. Sure, some girls are well off no matter what sorority you are in or what school. However, it most definitely is NOT a requirement. My sorority was very reasonable when it comes to dues and would always show us exactly where our monthly bills were going towards. And turns out that most of it was going back to us to help us pay for charity events, educational lectures or classes, like the time we all took self defense lessons!

What I am trying to say, is that while, yes, this may be true for some sororities, it is not true for all. And if you are one who would enjoy a bit of this craziness, then go for it! But me, I love the experience I had in my less-crazy sorority and I'll continue to defy the stereotypes along the way.

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