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This Guy's Neko Atsume April Fools' Prank Took Him Around The World

The commitment to the prank is amazing. And kinda terrifying.

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In case you didn't know, this is Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume / Via

It is the single most addictive game in app history. You feed cute little kittens and get to buy them toys. They then bring you silver and gold fish so you can buy more toys.

And it helped this guy create the most globe-trotting April Fools' Prank Ever.

Alex Simmons / Via

His name is Alex Simmons is performer at New York City's most famous comedy theater, the Upright Citizens Brigade.

It started with the company that created Neko Atsume reaching out to Alex.

Facebook: alexdsimmons / Via

And this is where the traveling began.

Facebook: alexdsimmons / Via

Everything was wonderful in Japan.

Facebook: alexdsimmons / Via

It even became a business opportunity

Facebook: alexdsimmons / Via

The phone case is Neko Assume-Themed, but not official merch!

Instagram: @alexdsimmons / Via

Until a "wild businessman appeared!"

Facebook: alexdsimmons / Via

And he was given a chance to fulfill every child's dream.

Facebook: alexdsimmons / Via

But this story was too good to be true.

Facebook: alexdsimmons / Via