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The Final Proof That Pugs Are The Mightiest Of Dogs

Because sometimes we wonder how they're even related to wolves.

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Behold this mightiest of beasts!

Asserting its dominion over lesser species

Unleashing its fury on the fiercest of enemies

And serving as a mighty steed to only the best of men.

It is none other than the indomitable pug!

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Revered by beast and men alike.

Not only for its impressive dexterity

But also for its bold fashion choices,

Tumblr / Via

And its impressive level of sophistication.

Tumblr / Via

The mighty pug is an force to be reckoned with.

The pug is the most courageous of dogs!

Tumblr / Via

Because it does not fear being frail.

It is the most watchful protector,

the most skilled warrior,

the most profound of thinkers,

Tumblr / Via

and the most passionate lover.

Tumblr / Via

Let there be no doubt, then, that the untamable pug

is the king of all beasts.

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